Why Am I Different?

I’m a Pro Marketer by profession, holding a Real Estate license.  My service system of providing VALUE thru EDUCATION, SERVICE and TECHNOLOGY (VEST) is designed to offer Tampa Bay home buyers and sellers a hassle-free and stress-free real estate experience.

VEST came about from years of service experience. It just dawned on me as an AHA moment! We’ve all had those moments at some point, right?

In reality, home buyers want to deal with someone who is likable, trustworthy and knowledgeable. Sellers, while the previous qualities still apply, also want to know that their valued possession, their home, is in the hands of someone who knows the market, can market the home and expose the house to the maximum number of buyers in the least amount of time with minimal amount of stress. Hence, VEST!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

​I talk about each of the letters, what it represents and how it helps me provide A+ service to my clients - past, present and future. This is my iron-clad, non-negotiable, 100% satisfaction guarantee to you.