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I will have your home under contract in 29 days OR... I'll credit you up to $2,500* at closing!

*Terms & conditions apply. Check them out here.

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Sell your home. Higher. Faster. Easier.

My exclusive 29 Day Home Selling System is designed to get you TOP DOLLAR.

Sell Quickly. Sell Conveniently. Sell With Confidence.

I Take The Headache Out of Selling Your Home

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How My 29 Day Home Selling System Works:

Market Positioning: Ensuring that your home is not only marketable but positioned to sell quickly through aggressive marketing efforts.  

Create Buyer Excitement: This is covered in Phase 1: Pre-Launch of my marketing system.

Increase Demand: Phase 2: Marketing Blitz, designed to expose your home to the maximum number of qualified buyers.

Multiple Offers: Marketing buzz is created enabling qualified buyers to see your home, love your home and excited about making an attractive offer.

Higher Prices: Multiple offer situations calls for expert negotiations to bring you the most qualified offer.

I Take The Headache Out of Selling Your Home

What some of my clients say

Sold one of our investment properties in 11 days and the other in 29 days!

Sue R./ Condo owner & investor

My parents and I worked with Randy to sell two of our investment properties. He sold one in 11 days and the other in 29 days and we really can’t say enough good things about him. He is knowledgeable, approachable, personable, endlessly patient, and incredibly generous with his time (including mornings, evenings, and weekends over the course of  several months).

He answered every question and explained every form and every part of the process clearly and thoroughly. He made it as painless and straightforward as possible which was what we needed since we lived in a different state. We highly recommend Randy and can't say enough great things about him.

fatemah b. / first time real estate investor

He handled the communication with the title company, setting up the inspection and was actually there during inspection and took pictures of things. And he would send me videos of the property and really looked out for my interest as if it was his own.

I really appreciated that.

In addition to his knowledge of real estate, I really appreciated Randy's finance background. 

It really came handy...So I enjoyed working with Randy. I would highly recommend anyone working with Randy.

If you want someone to give you straightforward piece of advice, you will definitely find that with him...This was my first time investing in a property and I could not have been happier.

He walked on mud, grabbed a piece of wood and placed it on the muddy entrance for me to walk on!

hadeel h. / first time home buyer

As a new home buyer, making the right decision is difficult, but having a realtor who is attentive to details, knowledgable, experienced in the market, who never made me feel pressured, made my house hunting experience a positive one! You are defiantly a 5 star Randy, as you went above and beyond  to ensure I was happy and comfortable with my house purchase process.

I remember a time when Randy showed me a house that was under construction. It was raining that day and the house entrance was muddy. As we were walking out of the house, Randy walked on the mud, grabbed a piece of wood and placed it on the muddy entrance for me to walk on!! :)

Randy responds readily to my requests and he followed up with me after my house purchase to make sure all my questions were answered. 

mutaz k. / small business owner relocating to florida

I got referred to Randy Ahmad from a friend.
Randy really narrowed my search for the right place that I need. He really made it easy for us to find the right place to fit me and the family.

We worked together really as a team, everything went through smooth. 

Four year later we become really good friends.

I do highly recommend Randy Ahmad as a real estate agent.
Again, thank you Randy for finding me my beautiful

You are the best!

Tremendous job! Helped us navigate the inevitable bumps.

jeremy a. / new home builder

Randy is a great realtor, he went above and beyond in helping us find a build-able lot in South Tampa.

Staying on top of it at all hours by sending us leads, proved invaluable in this very competitive sellers market.

Once our deal was signed, Randy did a tremendous job helping us navigate the inevitable bumps that arise in the home buying process, he always has solutions for whatever might arise. 

Randy is a top notch Agent I highly recommend!

Always available to answer any questions or concerns we had about the home or even the surrounding area. 

jeaneen h. / first time home buyer

As a first time home buyer, Randy was a great choice. Randy is an experienced and knowledgeable realtor for the Tampa Bay Area. Over the course of a few months Randy sat down with my husband and I to review our needs as first time home buyers and provide us with a list of homes and properties that  best suited our needs. Appointments were easy and effortless as Randy worked around our schedules to ensure that no appointment was rushed. Not only was he able to find us the perfect home but was always available to answer any questions or concerns we had about the home or even the surrounding area. So if you're looking for the perfect home for you and your loved ones...Randy is the way to go!! Knowledgeable & Trustworthy!

Interested in seeing how this works?

A quick 5 minute call is all it takes!

No hype. no fluff. no bS. 

Sell Your Home. Higher. Faster. Easier.

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Terms & Conditions:

  • "Sell Your House in 29 Days" or "Sell Your Home in 29 Days" means that an executed contract has taken place within 29 days. 
  • In the event Broker does not provide to Seller a contract signed by a buyer with a purchase price at or above the price in the Listing Agreement by 11:59PM (local time in Tampa, Florida) of the twenty-ninth (29th) day after the date the Property is published to the general public on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), then Broker will provide Seller a promotional commission rebate upon closing of the sale of the Seller’s Property.
  • The promotional commission rebate will be in the amount of one-half percent (0.5%) of the Property purchase price stated on the contract, up to but not exceeding Two Thousand Five Hundred and 00/100 Dollars ($2,500.00) (the “Rebate”). The Rebate will be deducted from Broker’s commission paid at closing of the sale of the Seller’s Property. The Rebate will only be provided upon the closing of a sale of the Seller’s Property pursuant to a contract under which Broker is entitled to receive a commission. The Rebate is a commission rebate only and is not payable to Seller in cash or any other form.
  • The Seller must comply with and fully perform the following requirements prior to the date that the listing is published to the general public on the MLS:
    a. Seller must complete all property disclosures and questionnaires provided by or on behalf of Broker;
    b. Seller must agree to list the Property at the sales price recommended by Broker, which sales price will be determined in accordance with Broker’s professional evaluation of the Property and applicable market factors;
    c. Seller must provide the Property in model-home condition as evaluated and determined in Broker’s sole discretion, and must provide Broker access for inspection to determine the condition upon Broker’s request;
    d. Seller must have a pre-listing inspection of the Property conducted by a reputable licensed inspector acceptable to Broker in Broker’s sole discretion; and
    e. Seller must repair all issues reflected on the pre-listing inspection report that Broker identifies as material to the sale of the Property.
    f. After the listing is published to the general public on the MLS, the Seller must make the Property available for showings without restrictions, and may not reject a showing request.
  • The Seller will be required to confirm the foregoing terms in an Addendum to the Exclusive Right of Sale Listing Agreement.