July 23

How To Sell Your House Without A Realtor – Part 3


Part Three : Marketing Your Home

Marketing your home effectively is what home sellers are after.  Really, anyone can throw a sign in the yard and list on MLS.

I'm going to share some of my strategies on how I've launched and marketed my campaigns!  Continue reading...

Think Like A Marketer

Any time I promote a product, I ask myself one critical question - "Whom am I targeting?"

What you want to do is create a home buyer avatar.  Ask yourself these questions - 

  • What are the buyer's goals?
  • What values do they hold dear?
  • What are their pain points?  What problem are they looking to solve?

These are but a few questions to ask yourself to help narrow your homebuyer audience and position your house to sell more efficiently / effectively.

The 3 Ways To Position Your House For Sale

Now that you've defined your audience, it's time to get your house ready to put on the market.  

But wait...

  • What are you going to price your house at?
  • How will you describe your property?
  • What platforms will you use to market your house?

Let's discuss each of those factors briefly...

Price Positioning

Two words may potentially save you here -- MARKET VALUE!

Remember my post on Home Buyer Psychology? If you haven't read yet, stop right now and read it here.

Home sellers, rightfully so, tend to place sentimental value on their home. Unfortunately, the market does not operate that way.  It's the market, for better or for worse, that ultimately dictates what your house may sell for.

Another factor to take notice of is the way in which buyers search online. Have you noticed that prices tend to be in increments of $25,000?  

Price Positioning Your House

So, just remember that any time you change a price in increments of $25k, you generally reach a new pool of potential buyers who may have not seen your property in their initial search. 

Now let's look at how descriptive positioning plays a role in getting your house sold.

Description Positioning 

The purpose of creating a compelling description is to grab the buyer's attention.  What better way to do that than to tell a story, right?

Keep in mind that your story should be geared towards your target buyer - remember?

If, for example, you are selling a SFR (single family residence), then you'd want to focus on factors like school districts, neighborhoods, restaurants, amenities, events, etc.

Finally, what action do you want buyers to take once they finish reading? Do you want them to call, text, email, etc? Be specific.  In the marketing world, we call this a CTA or Call to Action.

Marketing Positioning 

I'm a marketer. I can tell you that marketing has evolved so much since my college years.  

Long gone are the days when Realtors® were the only source to access homes for sale.  Long gone are the days when all it took to sell a home was placing a sign in the yard and listing on MLS (unfortunately, I see some Realtors® still follow that method only).

The game's changed!

Social media is the new social hangout.

The trick now is to find out where your buyers are hanging out and focus your marketing efforts to reach them. 


This wraps up the How To Sell Your House Without A Realtor series.  I really hope that you gained some value from the info put together for you.

If you would like more of an in-depth look into how to sell your house, please feel free to reach out to me - call / text 813-602-5160 or email randy@randyarealty.com

Take the first step. Get the true market value of your property.

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