Mariposa Community In Riverview

Mariposa is a relatively new gated community in Riverview. Meritage Homes started selling homes during Q4 of 2015.

Based on the low number of resales in Mariposa and the pace in which homes are sold is indicative that Mariposa is a highly sought after community.

So if you're thinking of buying a home and looking for more info on Mariposa, then you'll want to check out all there is to know about the Mariposa community.


We've all heard some form of the question "what's the most important factor in real estate?" The proverbial answer - location. And that's what you get here.

The Mariposa community is unbelievably close to everything - literally.

Check out this map:

Mariposa_Location Convenience

To the east, you've got a very short drive to major highways like I-75, 301 and the Selmon Expressway.

Work in Tampa? It'll take you about 20 minutes on the Crosstown.

Plan on doing some DIY? Lowe's and Home Depot are within a mile or two. 

Need to stock up on food? You've got Publix and Super Target next door.

The list can go on and on.

Bottom line - this community is strategically located.

Gated community

Mariposa is a gated community, with only one entrance on Cardera Dr, coming from Gornto Lake Rd. 

Having a sense of security, of course, is a main priority to all home owners.

Other benefits of living in a gated community, like Mariposa, also include:

  • Privacy
  • Higher property values 
  • Safety, especially for kids
  • Less frequent solicitation
  • Reduced or controlled traffic

There are two ways to access the gate.

  1. As a resident, you'll have to apply for a bar code sticker through the HOA. The sticker is placed on your car window.
  2. Visitors gain access by entering a code in the electronic keypad.

Community Details

As from its location and convenience, Mariposa residents enjoy other great features like: smaller community size, comfortable lot sizes and home styles. 

I do want to bring attention to the fact that many homes here also have water views. There are 5 ponds (not including the one by the clubhouse) in the area, as you can see here.

Home sites at Mariposa

Map of the Entire Mariposa Community

Smaller community

Across the street, there's Valhalla - one of three townhome communities in Riverview that consists of about 600 homes! The HOA management company does a pretty good job with the maintenance there.

But if you live at the far end of the community, it'll take you a couple of minutes to get to the other end.

Contrary to that, Mariposa is much smaller, with about 175 homes comprised of different models. 

Many residents who live here like the fact that the Mariposa community is somewhat small. It gives them a sense of belonging and security.

Home Sites

The community has 4 main roads:

  1. Alcon Blue Dr
  2. Cardera Dr
  3. Camberwell Ln
  4. Red Admiral Pl

The community has a mix of 1 and 2 story homes, but Camberwell Ln and Red Admiral Pl almost all consist of larger homes and lots.  

Here's a breakdown of the number of homes and other details on each of the roads:


# of Homes

Livable Sq.Ft.



Alcon Blue Dr.


2,000 - 4,700

2 - 7

2 - 5

Cardera Dr.


2,000 - 4,400

2 - 6

2 - 4.5

Camberwell Ln


3,000 - 4,300

3 - 6

3 - 6

Red Admiral Pl


2,500 - 5,200

4 - 7

3 - 4


I already hinted that there's an HOA here. There are two camps when it comes to HOA's. On the one hand, some view HOA's as restrictive and don't like them.

On the other hand, properly managed HOA's can significantly help maintain property values. The HOA is managed by Greenacre Properties.

HOA fees, as of July 2022, are $396 per quarter. There are no CDD fees.

What's included in the Mariposa HOA?

Mariposa Homes for Sale

check out the current listings here

Heated Pool

I believe the picture says it all really. It's like your own oasis, surrounding by palm trees.

Impressively, the pool can be heated during the so-called winter months.

Pool View N Side - Mariposa


From swing sets to balance beams, children will love playing in the outdoors. Let their imaginations run wild...and then take them for a cool down by the pool.

Children Swing Set Area
Dog Park at Mariposa



If you like meeting your neighbors and enjoy get togethers at special events, the clubhouse is a good way to do so. Here's what I like about this clubhouse -

  • It's spacious
  • BBQ grill available
  • Screened seating area with TV
Mariposa Amenities

Unfortunately, there's no fitness gym here.


If you were to ask the residents at Mariposa what they like most about the community, I'm sure you'll get an overwhelming response that the people here are wonderful.

Many are friends and get together, especially during the holidays, like July 4th, and light up fireworks. 

You'll also love the fact that the children also hang out and have fun.  

Food Trucks

Every so often, you'll get alerted through the community's Facebook group about any locally-owned food trucks coming.


Pet friendly

Although I don't recall seeing poop stations around the community, it's fairly common to see residents routinely take their dogs out for a walk. 

Not only is this good for our pets, but also good exercise.

Other Things You Should Know About Mariposa

Home Values

Homes for sale in Mariposa have steadily increased since 2016, even more so since the beginning of 2022.

Not to anyone's surprise, Mariposa experienced tremendous sales appreciation since 2016 - as much as 63% in median sold price (as of June 2022)!

Since 2021, median home sold prices increased by 36%.

That's insane.

Take a look at this chart detailing overall appreciation across the board. The dip you see in 2020 is, yes you guessed it, due to covid.

Then, the rest is history.


Data from Stellar MLS (as of 6/2022)


Earlier I mentioned that the HOA fee is $397 per quarter. The HOA takes care of the common ground areas. If you wish to ask them questions, you may reach Greenacres Properties at (813) 600-1100 or send them an email at

School District

According to Great Schools, Riverview, in general, has below average public school ratings - unlike its neighbor Valrico. The charter schools in the area, however, have much higher ratings. 


Hope this information was useful in helping you decide one way or another on whether Mariposa is the place for you.

If you've got any questions or need more detailed info on Mariposa or any other community, you're more than welcome to call, text or email me.