Riverview Real Estate Performance

Would you, as a buyer or seller of a Riverview FL property, like to know what the Riverview real estate market performance is like?

Wouldn't you like to know facts like median home prices, time it takes to sell a home and what sort of inventory status are we experiencing today?

Granted, this is only top-level stuff.  Nevertheless, it arms you as a buyer or seller of a Riverview FL home with knowledge and allows you to make better decisions regarding your house buying or selling experience.

steady growth continues

Honestly, you don't need me to explain the infographic to you.  It's pretty much self explanatory.

The Riverview real estate market performance continues to impress.  What you should note is the number of new listings coming in every month compared to the number of homes being sold in the same month.

Folks, in Jan 2016, Riverview homes had a median sales price of about $170k. Now, we're at $215k! 

Here's the infographic detailing the Riverview real estate market performance for August 2017...

Riverview Real Estate Market Performance - August 2017

In Summary

For the time being, interest rates are hovering at very competitive rates, between 3.75% to a little over 4% for a 30 year mortgage.  It's even lower than that for a 15 year mortgage.

So, low interest rates creates buyer demand...which is great!

But, as has been the story for a while, inventory is low!  Buyers continue to struggle to find the perfect home.  In a previous post I mentioned the importance of working with a Realtor® who will go the extra mile and use out-of-the-box tactics to find those hard to reach homes.

If you're a home owner thinking about selling, then you need to work with a Realtor® who knows a thing or two about marketing your home and exposing it to the maximum number of potential buyers (don't think too hard...that would be me 🙂 )

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