How My Seller’s Home Finder Program Uncovered 3 Exclusive, Off-Market Gems for the Feldmans: Then Sold Their Home with Ease!

If you're thinking of selling your current home but worried that you won't find another home to move to, then this case study is for you.

The strategies I'm getting ready to unfold here may not be ideal for all homeowners looking to buy and sell their home.

It involves a bit of patience and persistence.

My goal is to help you answer the "where to next?" question.

Also, I want to show you how a little creativity and dedication...and a willingness to invest my own dollars...can help you find the home that you're after...even if it involves selling your current home.

In fact, it's the exact strategy I used to find three (3) off-market homes for the Feldmans in the exact community they were after.

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The Problem: The Traditional Way of Finding A Home

If you've ever used a real estate agent to help you find a home, you've probably been through a process that looks like this...

  • Agent asks you what you're looking for and if you've been prequalified.
  • Agent sets you up on an automated MLS search, sending you countless emails containing homes that don't even come close to what you're looking for.
  • After a while, you feel that you need to settle for whatever is available and schedule a few showings with your real estate agent.
  • Reluctantly, you end up settling for a home that you are not fully convinced with.

Am I close?

Don't feel bad. Many home buyers are in the same boat.

"64% of recent Florida buyers were very satisfied with their recent home buying process, with an additional 30% being satisfied." Florida Realtors

The problem with the traditional way of buying a home is that it's how MOST real estate agents go about finding a home for their buyers.

Meaning, all agents and buyers have access to the same homes. 

How beneficial is that?

Buyers are competing for the same homes.

Worse, buyers are having to compromise on their ideal home.

The Solution: My Seller's Home Finder Program

Need To Sell Your Home, But Worried About "Where To Go?"

My Seller's Home Finder Program is meticulously crafted to cater to your individual preferences and needs. Discover properties that go beyond the ordinary, including exclusive, off-market listings tailored just for you.

Melanie first contacted me in January 2023. She was searching for 55+ communities and came across my site, prompting her to reach out.

Later that week, Alan, Melanie and I held a Zoom meeting, where I walked them through my 10-step buyer process. The purpose was to educate them on my process...and equally learn all there is to know about what their goals are.

It was important to learn not only what they wanted in a home but why.

For example, why did they want a 4th bedroom? Could a den replace the 4th bedroom?

You see, as I pointed out earlier, many buyers...even agents...know to only use the MLS.

There are other ways to find homes...more creative ways.

Want to know what it is?

Step 1: The Home Search Begins

Finding off-market homes for potential buyers is a simple process, but not easy.

The need to fully understand what Alan and Melanie were looking for was crucial.

  • What features were important to them? 
  • Why were those features important?

I needed to get really granular and had them fill out this form.

In the Feldman's case, they were looking for a 55+ community that offered lots of amenities. 

Believe me when I say, they knew what they wanted. There was no budging.

So, I started where everyone does...the MLS.

But I didn't stop there. I also included homes that are not found on the MLS, including:

  • New construction homes
  • Zillow (homes not on MLS)
  • For Sale By Owners

I did not want the feldmans to miss out on any opportunity.

- Why the MLS?

Simply, you cannot ignore the fact that most homes are sold through this method. My job is to find the Feldmans a home, regardless of where it comes from...

I did not want them missing out on anything.

As a result, I found a couple of homes for them.

Even though the Feldmans were not enthusiastic about any of them, we still scheduled a couple of showings.

But the Feldmans were not fond of the prices and were not totally convinced of the homes they saw.

- Why New Construction Homes?

Many new construction homes are not listed on the MLS. So, it was a great idea to include this additional source.

We toured several new communities. They really liked a couple of them.

But again, the sizzle of new homes quickly fizzled away when the Feldmans could not find the amenities they were looking for.

Plus, the construction build times was over 8 months and not something they were willing to entertain.

- Why For Sale By Owners?

I searched a few known for sale by owner portals, including Zillow and, but found nothing to share.

End Your Selling Stress: I Excel in Answering 'Where to Live Next?'

My Seller's Home Finder Program is meticulously crafted to cater to your individual preferences and needs. Discover properties that go beyond the ordinary, including exclusive, off-market listings tailored just for you.

Step 2: Nail Down The Community

By early March, I've done more than what many other agents do, in my humble opinion. 

Nevertheless, it wasn't enough. I still did not find a home for the Feldmans.

From our previous tours and discussions, however, I remembered the Feldmans really liked one specific community.

So, I went back to them and they confirmed that Valencia Lakes is where they want to be.


We nailed down the community. A huge first step.

Now, all I needed to do was scour the 1,600+ homes and find the diamond in the rough.

Step 3: Research The Community

Oh yeah...I had to sift and filter through 1,600+ homes and narrow it down to a more manageable number - like 100 or so.

This is why it was really important to learn from Alan and Melanie what was important to them in a home...beyond the number of bedrooms/bathrooms and square footage.

One feature that was very high on their WANT list was a water view...and not just any water view.

Meaning, no small ponds...It had to be "picturesque."

That prompted me to look at an aerial map of the community.

Aerial map of community

As you can see from the image above, homes with major water views can be identified.

From there, I was able to narrow down the homes even further.

Step 4: Create & Mail Out Letters and Postcards

From my experience, most people will not respond to the first set of letters sent.

It may take two...or even three...touches before you can generate a response. 

In my case, I was able to generate three responses from homeowners who were thinking of selling.

Well...actually, I did get four responses. I can't forget her!

"I used to be an agent and i know all the deceptive tricks you use." call From Homeowner

She called me and accused me of deceptive advertising.

Honestly, I was taken off guard but didn't dwell on it much.

I simply communicated that the contents my letter/postcard were truthful and that I really did have ready, willing and able buyers.

This particular caller was very...let's just say that I politely excused myself from the conversation.

Nevertheless, over the course of two weeks, I got messages like this:

Text response from homeowner

Step 5: Schedule Showings

Scheduling the showings was a bit of a challenge. 

The Feldmans are semi-retired but enjoy what they do a lot. Much of their work is done aboard cruise ships...and are away weeks at a time. 

So, coordinating showings with homeowners took a bit of time.

The gentlemen who sent me the text message you see above had a lovely home...truly.

We'll call it Home A. It had many of the wanted upgrades. 

While the Feldmans liked it a lot, we felt the homeowner was asking a ridiculous price...way above what the market was dictating at the time.

Though we kept negotiating with the owner of Home A, we moved on to Home B.

The issue with that home was the backyard view.

On to Home C.

I believe Home C had an agent they wanted to work with already but did not get to listing their home yet.

If memory serves me right, they gave my letter to their agent, who then contacted me.

The rest, as they say, is history.

'Where Do I Go If I Sell My Home?'

My Seller's Home Finder Program is meticulously crafted to cater to your individual preferences and needs. Discover properties that go beyond the ordinary, including exclusive, off-market listings tailored just for you.