Your Guide to Wimauma Real Estate

Have you been looking at homes in Wimauma, Florida? I've put this guide to Wimauma real estate so that you may get the info you're looking for in one spot.

Although new housing developments have been recently appearing throughout the landscape, there is still an abundance of space to build your own home on large pieces of land. 

The small city of Wimauma ranks well in education, crime, cost of living, and diversity. It offers everything you need to live comfortably within a tight-knit community that’s safe. 

If you enjoy living in a small town, Wimauma could be your place.

Learn more about this guide to Wimauma real estate before you start the buying process


Wimauma’s history dates back to the late 1800s when the expansion of the railroad and logging industries led to the city’s formation. It was officially founded by Captain C.H. Davis in 1902 and named using the first few letters of his daughters’ names- Wilma, Maude, and Mary. 

As David helped build the railroad connecting Turkey Creek and Bradenton, he decided to found Wimauma at the halfway point. Located on a 55-mile railroad route built south from Durant to Manatee County and into Sarasota, the railroad tracks that once served as Wimauma’s eastern boundary were removed in 1984. 

Map of Wimauma FL

Nestled in Southeastern Hillsborough County, Wimauma encompasses over 25 square miles. With 6,500 year-round residents, the city’s population grows during the farming seasons with an additional 5,000-8,000 residents.

One of the unique aspects of Wimauma is the vast diversity within the community. It is sprinkled with traditional Mexican bodegas and cantinas, a delicious bakery, a few small businesses, and a record number of churches for a small town. 

Because of its strategic location, Wimauma is also home to quite a few 55+ communities.

Active Adult / Retirement Communities

There are quite a few 55+ communities popping up throughout Wimauma. If you're looking to stay active socially and physically, then you may want to check out these two communities by GL Homes - Valencia Lakes and Valencia Del Sol.

Both are great options and are centrally located to many amenities, including shopping, golf courses, medical offices, entertainment, beaches and Tampa airport.

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Popular Home Types/Styles

Have you considered the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you need when buying? Are you looking for specific square footage in your new home? While most people focus on these details, it’s also essential to consider the style of home you like. 

Wimauma features various style homes to fit your buying needs. With larger plots of land in the town, homeowners have more options than in other South Florida areas. Some popular options include:


Ranchettes are small farms that became popular in the 1920s. They are found in towns with houses on large plots of land, offering the benefits of owning a ranch without the higher costs.

Many Wimauma ranchettes feature large ranch-style housing with ample space to enjoy your outdoor property. They bring you the advantages of quiet country living without the high costs, upkeep, and commitment. 


Contemporary homes reflect the current style of 21st-century architecture and design. These homes are evolutionary, meaning they change and grow as we do. They’re considered “trending” in the world of home design. While most contemporary homes have a modern flair, the two styles are different. Today, we see a significant emphasis on natural and sustainable building materials in contemporary homes. 


Villas were initially regarded as Roman upper-class country houses. However, the idea and function of villas have evolved considerably over the years. Today, villas come in various types and sizes, ranging from suburban semi-detached to residences in the wildland-urban interface. While the term villa is often used to describe vacation rental properties in Florida, many Wimauma permanent residences are considered villas. 

Average Home Prices

The typical home value in Wimauma is $364,484, which is seasonally adjusted. Over the past year, home values have gone up 35.8% in Wimauma. Compared to the National median home sales price of $374,900, this is slightly lower than other homes throughout the United States. 

Population Numbers

According to the World Population Review, the population of Wimauma in 2022 is 8,358. Although the city remains small, this reflects a 31.5% growth since 2010. 

Popular Restaurants and Parks

Diverse cuisine is definitely not something you’ll find in Wimauma.

Since it’s a rural city, you won’t find many restaurants in Wimauma. However, the bodegas and cantinas serve up delicious Latin American food that’s as close to homemade as you’ll get. 

Check out these top-rated restaurants, according to Trip Advisor:

  • Goodson Farms- From Cuban sandwiches to strawberry shortcakes, Goodson Farms serves fresh foods that the locals love. 
  • Garcia’s Bakery- Huge sandwiches and fresh baked goods; Garcia’s Bakery has a local reputation for quality service, value, and atmosphere. 
  • Taqueria El Sol- If you’re looking for big portion sizes, stop by Taqueria El Sol for one of their massive burritos. 
  • Ana’s Mexican Restaurant- Ana’s Mexican Restaurant serves traditional Mexican cuisine that’s fresh and full of flavor. 
  • The Country Cuban- An excellent breakfast place, the food is great, and the atmosphere inviting. 
  • Taqueria Guanajuato- You’ll get delicious traditional Mexican fare at Taqueria Guanajuato. It’s an excellent spot for lunch. 
  • Julia’s Tacos- Often called “a taste of Mexico in the heart of Florida,” Julia’s Tacos is another local favorite.

If you’re looking for variety, you’ll have to head out of town.

Still, restaurants aren’t too far from city lines.

Check out Old Castle Tavern for German cuisine and China Chen Restaurant for Chinese in Ruskin. Bella Cucina Italian Family Restaurant is only 3.5 miles outside of town in Sun City if you're looking for Italian cuisine.

You’ll also find BBQ, ice cream, donuts, small cafes, and a McDonald’s in Sun City Center. 


You’ll find more sunny days in Wimauma than in other parts of Florida, with an average of 240 sunny days a year. However, you won’t need to worry about the snow because they simply don’t get it! The city does get some precipitation, averaging 54 inches of rain per year. 

The summer months run at highs around 91 degrees, and the January lows are around 50. So, even in the coldest months, you can still enjoy a walk outside in Wimauma. 

Schools and Universities 

Due to its small size, Wimauma students only have one public charter middle school to choose from, and most students go to high school outside of city lines. While the few private elementary schools in Wimauma are unrated, the public schools fall in the average to the below-average range. 

There are no colleges or universities located directly in Wimauma.

However, Hillsborough Community College, Gannon University, and the University of Florida Gulf Coast Research and Education Center are nearby. 

Top Employers

Unlike larger cities like Tampa, you won’t find many independent employers in Wimauma.

According to glassdoor, the top employers in the city are ranked as follows:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • PwC
  • Infosys
  • Citi
  • Target
  • Deloitte
  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • J.P. Morgan
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions

Local Industries

Wimauma’s economy employs just over 3,000 individuals. The largest industries include:

  • Agriculture
  • Forestry
  • Fishing & Hunting
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Information Technology
  • Transportation & Warehousing

Transportation and warehousing is one of the highest paying local industries, with a median yearly salary of $42,094.

As you can see, high-paying jobs aren’t common directly in the city. However, many professionals commute to neighboring Ruskin for professional work.

Some residents travel as far as Tampa to work, just over 25 miles away. 

Things to Do

If you love the outdoors, there are plenty of adventures to find in Wimauma. Some of the most popular attractions include:

  • Little Manatee River State Park- Located at 215 Lightfoot Road in Wimauma, this beautiful state park offers lots of walking and hiking trails with gorgeous Florida scenery. You’ll have the opportunity to spot several famous Florida wildlife, such as armadillos. Just watch out for the alligators!
  • Elmira’s Wildlife Sanctuary- If you are looking for a fun and educational experience, check out Elmira’s Wildlife Sanctuary. You’ll learn about each wild animal's lives, habitats, and threats you see. They even showcase some exotic animals you don’t typically get a chance to see up close. If you love animals, this is a great adventure. 
  • Berry Bay Farm- This large farm has a lot to offer, especially for families. Explore the grounds, enjoy the fresh air, and pick some of their sweet and delicious strawberries. 
  • Canoe Outpost- Whether you’re staying at Little Manatee River State Park or just stopping by for a visit, Canoe Outpost is a must-do. They offer guided tours and even tandem canoeing. The staff is friendly, and you’ll get to really learn about the river. 
  • Redhawk Ranch- If you’re looking for a unique way to connect with nature, stop by the 18-acre Redhawk Ranch. Owners Brenda and Bud Hoshaw enjoy sharing this little piece of heaven with guests craving meditation and serenity. 

If you’re looking for prominent attractions, local landmarks, and exciting events, explore some larger regional cities. Ruskin, Sun City Center, and even Tampa aren’t that far from Wimauma.

So, even though there’s not a ton going on in entertainment and nightlife, you have options nearby. 


Overall, the crime rate in Wimauma, Florida, is one of the lowest in the nation. With a crime index of 85/100, Wimauma is safer than 85% of United States cities. Reported annual crimes only total 43 on average, likely due to the city's small population and close-knit community.

So, if safety is your priority, it’s the perfect place to settle down.

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